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Vegas Strong Charitable Foundation

It is more than just real estate or running a business.  It is what owning those businesses means to create through connections and improve and change lives around us.  I have always had a heart for children; being a step-mom, foster mom, adoptive mom, and having two daughters of my own have meant the world to me.  I became a therapeutic foster parent for many years and have also worked as a Court Appointed Special Advocate, being on the Board of Directors and handling several cases.   When I discovered the overwhelming number of homeless children and children lost in our systems here in Las Vegas,  I was compelled to help make a difference.  Many years ago, I experienced a situation where I found myself in the middle of North Dakota in -40 weather due to a family emergency and had nowhere to stay for the few weeks I would need to be there.  I was connected to a home where a family had a house designed for a donation basis only for people like me, stranded with someone in the hospital.  People stayed in the home with me, underwent cancer treatments, etc.  I was inspired to do something like this for others.  It was such a huge blessing to me at the time.   


When I started Vegas Strong Real Estate Group, our goal and mission was to create a 501c3 to build a “Vegas Strong House” - and that is what we have done. We have created the Vegas Strong Charitable Foundation and will soon be launching fundraising endeavors to build or purchase a home that will initially provide transitional housing for teens 17-21.  This concept is to help people in the community mentor these teens.  Teach them job skills, build a resume, prepare for a job interview, and learn how to budget.  They would have an exit plan to learn how to be on their own successfully.   We want transitional housing for the youth; we have already put a plan to help Veterans who may also be experiencing an “in-between” housing situation.  We also plan to have even a third home for those families that need to come to Las Vegas for specific treatments or surgeries that require extended stays away from home and need a more family-friendly environment.  


This type of home is in great need here in Las Vegas and other cities. I hope to create awareness and multiple homes for those who need help. The youth are our future. If we don’t step up and help them become better, who will? 


For more information to reach out to volunteer to fundraise, donate or inquire about open positions on our advisory boards, please contact me directly or Jesse Lucero, 

Sincerely, Kelly Bishop.png
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