50 Stories from those who have made Vegas their Home.

Today we have Lynn S. Rosenberg in the podcast studio sharing her new book here with Ray McGonigle, our host of Vegas Strong Podcast.

Her new book is called “50 States 50 Stories” and it's an inspirational collection of stories from people who have moved to Las Vegas. These are the stories that will make you laugh and cry as they inspire you to find your path in life. You’ll be inspired by these unique individuals who have come here with nothing but hope and determination. This book is perfect for anyone who has ever had their heart broken or felt lost in this world. It’s also great for those just curious about what it means to live in Las Vegas.

There are so many reasons why someone would move here, whether it was because of love, work, family or even themselves! We all need something different out of our lives at some point – and moving can give us that opportunity we’ve been waiting for! No matter where you came from or how long ago it was – everyone deserves a fresh start somewhere else once in a while. And if there isn’t one already - then create your own story right now by reading this book today!

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