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The Art of Momentum for 2022 | Psychology of a Salesperson

We all know that real estate is a great business, but we also need to understand the growth and expansion of our businesses.

Most agents will never reach the next level because they do not have goals or an idea of setting their goals. The goal-setting process can be challenging, and most agents want someone else to tell them what they should do. We've got a proven plan to show you how strategies and techniques we know can help get things done! It's time to take your business from the ground up.

Our business mastermind is a collaboration of entrepreneurial agents, and our business planning contains everything you need to know about setting your goals for 2022, including; How much money should I make? What are my marketing goals? Where am I going with my business in 2022?

This business plan has been written for anyone who owns a real estate team, wants more clients, needs help growing their team, or is a small business owner who wants to scale their business.

RSVP for January 5, 2022 at 10:00am

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