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Why Vegas Strong Real Estate Group?

Updated: May 31, 2020

Passion and Compassion go a long way when you are a business owner. I have always owned my own businesses until I moved to Las Vegas. When COVID-19 hit the U.S. and companies were forced to close and send employees home, I found myself being sent back. I watched as my friends lost their jobs. The agents in my company were having deals fall apart from the fear that gripped the country, not knowing what was to come. That was frightening enough in itself. I, too, lost my job due to the pandemic.

I knew I never wanted to be in this position again, and I didn't want my agents suffering and losing either. I didn't wish to Las Vegas to go through what I did during the last recession. I also lived through the October 1 shooting shortly after moving to Vegas. I watched a community ban together. I saw that in people's view of a big city, it was really a small community that was banned together.

I watched a Hockey team birth and brought hope to a town that created fans like no other, including myself. I experienced the love and Compassion in a City that made me feel like home. I believe in giving back and always have over my career. After several days of discussion with my business partners, we birthed Vegas Strong Real Estate Group. The phrase Vegas Strong and Vegas Stronger resonated with all of us. We knew we needed to come together and help our fellow Realtors and families succeed and overcome once again. Las Vegas is home to many unsung heroes, has amazing causes and outreaches within the community. Our plan is to support all of those things - above and beyond.

We want to be a cause - not just another company.

Our goal is to create security in a time of uncertainty. Create a Network of Realtors helping Realtors. Strengthen each other with affiliates and business partners. Create an environment with positive distractions to better our families and our friends. Equip our team with the highest and best possible marketing tools and technology to better their businesses. We want to let everyone have a voice. We will give back to the community through tangible resources, physically and financially. We will offer solutions to those in need.

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